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  • admin

    July 6, 2021 at 1:26 am

    – When I clicked “Sign up” at the top right, it did not take me to the sign up page. Looks like it’s just routing to the top page.

    Thanks! This is a bug and we will fix.

    – When I uploaded my cover photo for my profile, it changed my selection from horizontal to vertical. So now I’ve got a tanuki boob in my pic. I like it, but it wasn’t my first pick!

    Can you show us what you mean by this? Has it been resolved?

    – Strange – Need to separately upload a profile pic for the forum. Could it just use the pic that I already uploaded for my profile pic for the website?

    Ahhhh – this may be due to the way the backend is set up, let us see if there is a way to sync the two or turn off the member avatar.

    Thanks for sharing these we will work on them.